Liquid separators

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3-phase separator / oil / condensate / for wastewater treatment
3-phase separator

... to DIN EN ISO 9377-2). But certain locally encountered regulations are even more restrictive. Ultra.sep systems for oil / water separation fulfill these requirements, reduce disposal costs and protect the environment. Features ...

magnetic separator / for semi-liquids / liquid / easy cleaning
magnetic separator
SW-S series

Magnetic Liquid Traps, also named as Magnetic Liquid Filters, are designed for removing Ferrum contamination form liquid or semi-liquid materials with different viscosity, ...

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coalescing separator / oil / water / construction
coalescing separator
MAS series

Flow rate: 1.5 l/s - 150 l/s

PECOFacet Model MAS Oil Water Separators are designed to treat hydrocarbon water. These separators can be fed by gravity or pumped. MAS separators carry out separation ...

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Facet International
cyclone separator / water / liquid / for water treatment
cyclone separator

Flow rate: 100 m³/h - 500 m³/h

The DCF Mobile is suitable for the separation of different types of coarse material, liquids and water. It is light and fitted with wheels, so it can be connected to the workplace directly, thereby reducing the loading ...

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coalescing separator / oil / water / for water treatment
coalescing separator
SKG series

Flow rate: 10, 5 m³/h

Company «ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ» offers its own unique development – portable oil water separator “SKG” series. The oil water separator system is designed for cleaning ...

gravity separator / oil / water / waste
gravity separator
GNOWS series

Flow rate: 5 m³/s - 98 m³/s

GNOWS series oil water separator separates the oil and water by gravity stratification, its main application is the separation of oily waste water for refinery. The unit ...

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GN Solids Control
air separator / oil / hydrocarbon / for wastewater treatment
air separator

This range of oil separators 5mg/l is designed to trap hydrocarbons in suspension in waste water. A silt storage unit V100 integrated into the separator retains heavy matter. Our devices are in accordance ...

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coalescing separator / oil / liquid coolant
coalescing separator

Filtration size: 20 µm
Flow rate: 6.8 l/min

... system. This product aims to get skims the tramp oil and coolant mix from the top of the machine sump. In the procedure, the liquids goes slowly in the patented steel coalescing plates, oil droplets as small as 20 microns ...

slatted separator / sludge / wastewater
slatted separator

Typically, HST lamella separators are installed in stormwater retention tanks and wastewater treatment plants. Sediments and sludge are effi ciently separated from the stormwater and ...

coalescing separator / water / hydrocarbon / for wastewater treatment
coalescing separator
L series

Flow rate: 50 us gal/min - 2,000 us gal/min

The L Series Dehydrator provides gross water removal from liquid hydrocarbon fuels such as aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline, diesel and liquid propane to an efficiency of 99%. It employs ...

gravity separator / water / hydrocarbon / high-efficiency
gravity separator

Width: 92 cm - 152 cm
Flow rate: 150 l/min

COD coalesce skids rapidly remove water from diesel fuel > 99% single pass water removal efficiency and high efficiency particulate filtration. Units available up to 200 gpm / 750 lpm for high volume ...

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Hy-Pro Filtration
gravity separator / oil / water
gravity separator
NSBD series

... engineered by Kingspan, is an oil-water separator that functions for the treatment of sewage from industrial processes. This device is installed on surface water drainage systems to secure the collection ...

cyclone separator / oil / water
cyclone separator
SATA® filter 414™

Filtration size: 5 µm
Flow rate: 3,600 l/min

The SATA filter type 414 comes with an outlet module of type 2 X G 1/4 ext. The cyclone separator can remove oil and water thoroughly from compressed air, while the automatic condensate ...

air separator / oil / water
air separator
EW series

Flow rate: 2,000 l/min - 15,000 l/min

... regulations, the residual oil content per litre of water released into drainage systems must not exceed 10 mg/l. The oil content in non treated condensate exceeds 250 mg/l. The “EcoWater” water/oil separators ...

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static separator / oil / water / for the recycling industry
static separator
Oil Concentrator®

... for the oil and water to separate. Water discharge is through a tube that has an open end near the bottom of the Concentrator, while oil flow is through a separate drain port near the top. As additional ...

gravity separator / oil / water / for production lines
gravity separator

For Coolant and Other Water-based Fluids Removing tramp oil is key to coolant longevity. It's a food for bacteria and emulsifies into the coolant. These conditions lead to coolant breakdown, creating even more problems ...

coalescing separator / oil / water / for wastewater treatment
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 7,200 m³/h

... the compressed air. As condensate consists of 97% water, it is very important to separate it from the 3% oil/impurities, so water can be disposed of through the drain.

coalescing separator / oil / water / for the petroleum industry
coalescing separator

Flow rate: 50 us gal/min - 1,100 us gal/min

The ecoLine-b oil/water separator is designed to separate non-emulsified light liquids or low-water-soluble fluids with a specific gravity below 0.95 (gasoline, diesel, heating oils and other mineral ...

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air separator / condensate / oil
air separator

Flow rate: 2 m³/min

The SEPREMIUM range of oil/water separators separates oil from condensate, generated by compressed air systems. The SEPREMIUM achieves separation of oil from condensate by means of directing the condensate through various ...

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Jorc Industrial
air separator / condensate / oil
air separator
FOD 21 - 1440

The MARK FOD 21 - 1440 Oil-Water Separator is the perfect system to separate oil from water in your compressed air system. It protects the environment and saves costs! Oil-Water Separators Once ...

eddy current separator / oil / water
eddy current separator
OA series

The design and materials of this series were coordinated especially for operation in NH₃ systems.

vibrating separator / liquid / granulates / powder
vibrating separator

... from each other in Vibratory Separators (also called Sifters) by using a vibrating motion. Vibratory Separator can be used for screening dry powder or granular products as well as wet products and ...

centrifugal separator / bulk liquid / for air compressors / dry
centrifugal separator
FSD series

Flow rate: 45 ft³/min - 515 ft³/min

Super-Dry Water Separators have been designed for the efficient removal of bulk liquid contamination from compressed air in three stages: (1) directional change, (2) velocity change and ...

decantation separator / oil / for wastewater treatment
decantation separator

The oil removable is a liquid/solid separation operation. Oils and greases being generally lighter than water and naturally tend to rise to the surface. In order to speed up this process, an aerator placed ...

magnetic tube separator / powder / liquid
magnetic tube separator
SR series

... removing ferrous and para-magnetic contamination, down to sub-micron size, from free flowing products including powders and liquids. Rods are of particular interest to those who wish to incorporate them into their machinery ...