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online software / cloud
online software
Cyclone Cloud

Leica Cyclone Cloud is an all-new, centralised, online administration portal for Leica Geosystems’ new cloud-based software services. These services are designed to bring speed, scale and simplicity to ...

CMMS software / data acquisition / metrology / scatter plot processing and visualization
CMMS software
Focus Scan

Focus Scan is the data acquisition software for Nikon Metrology laser scanner integrations on CMMs. It provides off-line and on-line scan path definition, and acquires and pre-processes the raw point ...

monitoring software / management / production control / online
monitoring software

... availability and reliability of vegetation resources by attaining better predictability. PRM is really a resource which gives you on-line use of your industry gadgets by way of a area electronic community to be able to ...

production management software / monitoring / control / analysis
production management software

... monitoring Dual-screen solution for optimized plant transparency online documentation server-client application integration of external systems Connection to existing networks online language change ...

simulation software / programming / HMI / configuration
simulation software

... auto-save facility. It also sports an extensive hardware compatibility, modified protocol support (MM3010, MM3030-2) and an on-line and off-line simulation capability.

programming software / simulation / design / backup
programming software

Software for programming DENSO Robotics(PacScript,PAC) and creating simulations on the PC. Features WINCAPS III is a software application that supports all processes from consideration of introduction ...

test software / inspection / visual inspection / for color measurement
test software

... looking for defects, multiple tests may need to be performed to inspect products for a range of evaluation criteria. TrueTest™ Software equips ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers to be used for in-line inspection, ...

vibration analysis software / monitoring / configuration / storage
vibration analysis software

... Digital Diagnostics System) software represents a powerful tool for storage and evaluation of vibration and technical diagnostics data. It allows the user to connect and work with data collected by portable data collectors ...

configuration and diagnostics software / industrial / EtherCAT network / online
configuration and diagnostics software
EtherCAT Workbench

... network • Built-in EtherCAT master to support online topology scan • Export of ENI configuration files • Configuration based on ESI files or ESI data of the devices EEPROM • Application supports offline and online ...

management software / quality / positioning / GNSS reference network
management software

... management modules The modular CPS software framework provides extreme stability and scalability of your RTK correction services. The CHCStream module streams the GNSS raw data from the GNSS reference stations to the ...

data analysis software / monitoring / database / process control
data analysis software

... symbols and animations - Remote connection on the Internet Applications - Custom-tailored software for industrial process visualization - Online monitoring of measured values - Tank-farm ...

engineering software / electrical calculation / electrical CAD / plant engineering
engineering software
elec calc™

... added to the original version, elec calc Classic, making elec calc the most efficient designing software on the market. elec calc™ is a calculation software to: - Create one-line diagrams of a HV ...

visualization software / monitoring / data acquisition / control
visualization software

... enterprise resource planning capability, and cloud interfaces. This enables better quality assurance, energy management and online reporting. Get insights – integrated analysis • Collects, analyzes, visualizes and ...

analysis software / database / optimization / graphic
analysis software

... detail and the simple and transparent analysis of the drive system; no additional devices are required for diagnostics Online/offline parameterization Uniaxial or multiaxial operation via Ethernet Language ...

engineering software / CAD / development / sharing
engineering software

... dashboard to tailor the experience and display the information that is most relevant to your teams in one convenient location online. Keep your project team informed by sharing any type of media, including images, videos ...

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engineering software / CAD / development / sharing
engineering software

... dashboard to tailor the experience and display the information that is most relevant to your teams in one convenient location online. Keep your project team informed by sharing any type of media, including images, videos ...

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supply chain software / office / online
supply chain software

... with omni-channel experiences Gain customers for life by engaging shoppers with personalized service, both in stores and online. Simplify retail operations Increase collaboration and get the insights you need to ...

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configuration software / 3D / online / cloud
configuration software
Configurator 360™

Configurator 360™ software is a cloud-based solution that enables you to provide engineers, sales reps, and end customers with web and mobile access to a 3D configuration of your products. Easily upload existing models ...

automation software / database / data management / management
automation software

... is available exclusively through Oracle and is offered in two versions optimized to meet the specialized requirements for online transaction processing and data warehousing. Both use machine learning and automation to ...

data management software / process / industrial / cloud
data management software

Empowering end-users and solution builders with a secure, managed cloud solution for collecting, storing, and visualising process and performance data Actionable Insights from Anywhere, Anytime, and Any Device Insight is a secure, managed ...

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sharing software / imaging / planning / design
sharing software

Imagine, Design and Share your 3D housing projects 3D Space Planning for Individuals HomeByMe is an online interior design application that allows you to visualize your home ideas in 3D. Experiment with thousands ...

e-business software / calculation / statistical / tracking
e-business software

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optimization software / planning / scheduling / online
optimization software
IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization. Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights about your data with anyone in your organization. Visualize ...

management software / programming / development / storage
management software

The TwinCAT PLC IEC 61131-3 Multi-PLC is a software program for use on the Windows NT, 2000, XP or Vista operating systems to keep any information secure. It has been programmed with online support and ...

data logger software / cloud / online
data logger software

Access information 24/7 by using the cloud service, Cargolog® Online. You, your colleagues or customers can review the measurement results on any Internet or data enabled device such as a computer, tablet or mobile device, ...