heat treatment furnace / sintering / calcination / pit
heat treatment furnace

Maximum temperature: 300 °F - 3,500 °F

Top loading kilns/furnaces are frequently used for bigger parts so they can be loaded via crane.

annealing furnace / carburizing / tempering / pit
annealing furnace

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,000 °C

... there is possibility to fit the furnace with C-potencial measuring equipment, the use of PLC controller or the combination of PLC and PID controllers enables us to supervise the process in the furnace, ...

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annealing furnace / pit / electric / controlled atmosphere
annealing furnace
max. 1000 °C | PCF, PNF, PAF series

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,000 °C

We can offer electric pit retort furnaces, PCF and PNF type, to work with controlled atmospheres and pit furnaces, PAF type, to work with natural air atmosphere.

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annealing furnace / pit / gas / controlled atmosphere
annealing furnace

The SN, SL and SG series are manufactured by Aichelin Group, and are retort furnaces that are integrated with atmosphere circulation, which are also in evacuable configuration that are appropriate for heat treatment of ...

tempering furnace / pit / electric / controlled atmosphere
tempering furnace

Pit furnaces Pit furnaces combine technology to economy. These furnaces may be electrically heated or gas fired. They are applied for heat treatments ...