Portable light sources

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laser light source / portable / for fiber optics
laser light source

Wavelength: 1,310 nm - 1,550 nm

Triple laser source to meet any requeriment of fibre optics for FTTHx networks at wavelengths 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm. Low-frequency modulation selectable for each wavelength. Sequential mode for automatic ...

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LED illuminator / white / portable
LED illuminator
LED 140

... LED red light and LED goosneck illuminators. This product offers a good source of light compared to the conventional light sources such as fiber optic, ...

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LED light source / infrared / portable
LED light source
IR-12 series

Output power: 10 W

Features This infrared light source is a thermal emitter with an emissivity of ~80%. It is appropriate for use in laboratory or field instrumentation due to its long life and stable properties. ...

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Scitec Instruments
LED light source / colored / portable
LED light source

... the leading manufacturers in the industry, known for the high-quality LED light sources it produces, which are suitable for use in fluorescence microscopy. The pE-100 illuminators address ...

LED light source / colored / adjustable / portable
LED light source

Moon Led is the ideal lamp for condominiums. The LED light source it features ensures practically unlimited switch-on and duration. It is suitable for any indoor and outdoor setting: condominiums, stairs, ...