Portable testing devices

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current testing device / voltage / resistance / transformer
current testing device

... MVCT test set is a lightweight, robust, portable unit capable of testing both current and voltage transformers. At less than 20 lb (10Kg) the MVCT is a highly portable unit that also ...

earth impedance testing device / resistance / digital / portable
earth impedance testing device
C.A 6472

Tester for all types of earth measurements, including pylon earth measurements (with the C.A 6474) - soil resistivity - earth coupling - ground potential - continuity & resistance The C.A 6472 can be used for quick, comprehensive surveys ...

flowability testing device / hydraulic system / digital / portable
flowability testing device
PPC-04-plus, PPC-04-plus-CAN series

The PPC-04-plus-CAN or PPC-04-plus is a hydraulic tester designed for applications in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. It is capable of determining pressure, temperature, volume flow and rotational speed precisely. ...

flowability testing device / hydraulic system / PC-controllable / portable
flowability testing device

The PPC-06-plus, and the PPC-08-plus are manufactured by Stauff, and are hydraulic testers that are ideal for use in measuring any relevant parameters in liquid engineering systems, including pressure and differential in bar and PSI forms, ...

torsion testing device / materials / for laboratories / automatic
torsion testing device
ElectroForce® 3200 Series III

... torsion testing, creep under dynamic loading and special environments (hot/cold chambers). Key Features Compact and portable Monotonic to 300 Hz frequency response Simple test space adjustment ...

disintegration testing device / materials / for laboratories / compact
disintegration testing device
ElectroForce® 5500

... General purpose, entry-level instrument that is adaptable to a variety of test applications Compact size that is easily portable and fits at lab stations, in an incubator (height of 50.1 cm), or on a cart ElectroForce ...

transformer testing device / portable / three-phase
transformer testing device

... without re-connecting. The three integrated sources speed up testing as tests can be done on all three phases simultaneously. Thus, TESTRANO 600 cuts down testing time to one third compared to testing ...

earth impedance testing device / relay / portable
earth impedance testing device
CMC 353

... It is the ideal test set for three-phase protection testing and the commissioning of SCADA systems. The powerful current outputs (3 x 32 A / 430 VA) optimally support 5 A relay testing. The portable ...

earth impedance testing device / protection relay / portable
earth impedance testing device
CMC 850

The Portable Protection Relay Tester Series CMC 850 is manufactured by Omicron, and features a test universe software application with a ready to go software such as Omicron control center, IEC 61859 configuration modules, ...

shearing testing device / scratch resistance / resistance / materials
shearing testing device
Elcometer 3025

... tester used to test the resistance of many materials to scratching, shearing, gouging, marring, scraping and engraving. This portable instrument tests materials up to 12.7mm (½”) thick by 101mm (4”) square or round. The ...

pull-off testing device / concrete / for cement and mortar / automatic
pull-off testing device
Proceq DY-206, Proceq DY-216, Proceq DY-225

... strength of coatings and cementitious material with pull-of testing The quality of concrete repairs is determined by the adhesive strength between the repair material and the substrate. Pull-off testing ...

current testing device / relay / automatic / digital
current testing device
CR series

The CR-50, CR-100 and CR-250 units include specially designed current generation systems that can check the current / time trigger curve of automatic switches and indirect protection relays. Its operation principle is based on the injection ...

bending testing device / for plastics / automatic / digital
bending testing device

... yourself. This machine is the only transportable unit in the market (29kg including transport case) and is conform to neccassary safety requirements. Lubrication- and service-free (despite of annual calibration) ...

voltage testing device / resistance / transformer / digital
voltage testing device
MI 3280 DT

The MI 3280 Digital Transformer Analyser is a portable, battery (Li-ion) powered test instrument intended for diagnosing of turn ratio, phase deviation, excitation current and winding resistance of single and three phase ...

resistance testing device / transformer / for motors / digital
resistance testing device
MR 8050

With the MR 8050 resistances highly inductive Resistance Meters windings of transformers, motors and reactors can be measured. (range 100 µΩ with 0.01µΩ resolution up to 6 kΩ). The performance of the test objects can be up to 800 ...

heat sealing strength testing device / hot tack / for film / for laboratories
heat sealing strength testing device

... with a menu interface, PVC operation panel and huge LCD display. These equipment enables the user to conveniently check the testing data and outcome. Its capacity range is from 0 to 100 N.

concentricity gauge / motorized / portable / universal
concentricity gauge
RPGP series

The concentricity gage RPGP can be used for measuring the concentricity of round workpieces with a diameter up to 26 mm. The two V-blocks with carbide surface, the the scrolling device and the articulated ...

shearing resistance testing device / manual / portable
shearing resistance testing device
Mod. S100

category:Geology / Scissometer brand:PASI item:Mod. S100

resistance testing device / performance / current / circuit breaker
resistance testing device

HISAC Swift - Circuit Breaker Operational Analyser checks the performance of the Circuit Breakers. The Analyser contains various intelligent measuring modules designed for measuring parameters such as contact timings of Main/PIR & Auxiliary ...

pressure testing device / for hydraulic applications / liquid / portable
pressure testing device
Orion LM series

The Ventil ORION portable liquid test systems are used for pressure testing valves, pipes, vessels, cylinders, actuators and all other critical pressure equipment. The high quality ‘plug and play’ test ...

portable testing device / electric
portable testing device

... combinations, control devices and switching systems for all sorts of different areas of use. As a leading manufacturer of industrial switchgear, CEE industrial plugs and sockets, current distributors for construction ...

membrane filter testing device / portable
membrane filter testing device
LabStak M20

... M20 is a flexible and adaptable plate-and-frame testing unit. It is perfect for NF, RO, UF, as well as MF flat sheet membranes. It is optimized in membrane filtration capabilities. This is an ideal device ...

quality testing device / surface / digital / portable
quality testing device

The unique solution for surface inspection allows rapid large area measurement and analysis of all types of coated or uncoated surfaces. Powerful on-screen functionality includes cross-sectional viewing allowing detection and characterisation ...

insulation testing device / ADSL / PC-controllable / portable
insulation testing device

... and power attenuation ?l xDSL network layer testing: Ping, PPPoE dialup trace route test ?l xDSL application layer testing:web browsing,web speed and FTP measurement Ethernet testing ?l ...

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earth impedance testing device / mixed-signal / portable
earth impedance testing device
PIM 21

The PIM 21 is a microprocessor controlled, portable test set allowing detection of distortion components and assemblies in radio base station, in-building DAS installations and other systems transmitting radio frequencies. ...

earth impedance testing device / protection relay / portable
earth impedance testing device
max. 6 kV | MIG0603OS2

The MIG0603OS2 by EMC Partner AG is Portable protection relay tester which features its design that is based from IEC 60255-5. For its waveform, it has a rating of 1.2/50 µs 0.5 J up to 6 kV. Also, Another standard is ...

current testing device / voltage / transformer / portable
current testing device

GF1061R portable instrument transformer turns ratio test set is mainly used for field or lab testing of current transformers and voltage transformers, it can fully automatic test CT and PT turns ratio. ...

cable testing device / portable
cable testing device

relay testing device / for fiber optics / automatic / digital
relay testing device

... measurement and analysis and testing capabilities, KF932 Handheld Digital Relay Test Set is greatly to meet the intelligent substation operation, maintenance and debugging of the protection, monitoring ...

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