Solvent cleaning machines

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water washing machine / solvent / for the food industry / for hygienic applications
water washing machine

... with the Smart Tools and let the cleaning agent and water do what it does. Minutes later you have two sparkling clean Smart Tools ready to be reintroduced into your production line. Highlights • Hygienic cleaning ...

solvent washing unit / automatic
solvent washing unit
VTW Classic

... designed for external and internal washing of all current types of viscometer tubes Viscometer tubes are suspended in solvent vapours at 80°C. Very fast cleaning for 6 viscometers tubes ...

dry washing machine / automatic / process / for pipes
dry washing machine

Processing material for Crushed flakes washing machine: Crushed flakes washing machine can be used for LDPE HDPE PP bottle ,jerrycan, pipe recycling and washing. Work ...

water washing machine / solvent / manual / industrial
water washing machine
DG8 series

Biokavitus offers in its range products different types of industrial washing machines. The DG8 series industrial washing machines are manual wash basins made entirely ...

solvent washing unit / water / automatic / process
solvent washing unit

The new PowerTrans Vario is the workhorse for any laundry. A modern batch washer, which combines flexibility, performance and lowest consumption figures.

solvent washing machine / water / automatic / laboratory
solvent washing machine

Designed to meet AATCC Monograph M6, the Vortex M6 is a top loading washing machine engineered specifically for laboratory use. The commercial grade washer is outfitted for precise control of bath temperature, ...

rotary drum cleaning machine / solvent / water / automatic
rotary drum cleaning machine
KRS 300

Environmental friendly and efficient: At a glance: drum washing machine minimum time investment small energy consumption up to 300 smoke sticks per cycle best and saving washing results special ...

solvent washing unit / water / water jet / automatic
solvent washing unit

... features of the system are: • Washing time very accurate (variable belt speed). • Uniform washing quality thanks to special nozzles. • Washing with many different solutions (simultaneously). • ...