Truck-in furnaces

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drying oven / truck-in / hot air impingement
drying oven

Designed exclusively for drying of varnishes, the drying oven from Novatec features different modules. The primary module - Thermo-Ventilation unit - comprises of resistive heating element, heat exchanger, thermostat, thermoregulator, ...

drying oven / truck-in / electric / digital
drying oven
Dry-Big series

Maximum temperature: 40 °C - 250 °C


heat treatment furnace / annealing / truck-in / gas
heat treatment furnace

Heat treatment furnace facilities for the copper base metals industry HICON/H2® muffle-type furnace facility for coinage blanks The HICON/H2® muffle-type furnace is designed especially for annealing blanks and strips to manufacture ...

drying oven / truck-in / cabinet / hot air impingement
drying oven
max. 300 °C | TRUS/T series

TRUS 15 T, 30 T, 60 T and 160 T Pre-heating ovens and dryers are an advancement of the proven TRUS-series for the annealing of plastic parts. The horizontal air guidance and improved heating and blower performance guarantee optimum temperature ...

car bottom furnace / electric / air circulating / for metallurgy
car bottom furnace
WM series

Capacity: 800 l - 6,700 l
Maximum temperature: 1,280 °C

Furnaces for temperatures up to 900 °C and 1280 °C Robust case designs, double lined housing with rear ventilation > Very low outer casing temperature Furnace door designed as hinged door > Simple, easy operation Fitted ...

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ceradel industries
heat treatment furnace / car bottom / electric / air circulating
heat treatment furnace
WM series

Capacity: 1,000 l - 7,200 l
Maximum temperature: 650, 850 °C

These bogie-hearth furnaces with air circulation are especially designed for heat treatment of large batches and heavy charging weights. Furnaces for temperatures up to 650 °C and 850 °C Rugged case construction Inner ...

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ceradel industries
hardening furnace / car bottom / conveyor / continuous
hardening furnace
DT series

Continuous furnace DT 4700/01/AS Useable dimensions (mm): 2500 wide x 4520 deep x 420 high For hardening sealing mass on plastic housings. With extraction fans for removing vapours

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ceradel industries
sintering kiln / tempering / calcination / shuttle
sintering kiln
KK-H series

Capacity: 1,050, 2,750, 1,850 l
Maximum temperature: 1,280, 1,340 °C

KK-H-MODEL TMAX UP TO 1340 °C SHUTTLE KILN, BRICK AND ASW INSULATION, TMAX 1340 °C, 1050 - 2750 L Applications: calcination, firing, oxydation, pre-heating, shrink fitting, sintering, stress-relieving, tempering The most ...

drying oven / curing / annealing / truck-in
drying oven

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 204 °C

LBB FORCED CONVECTION BENCHTOP OVEN The Despatch LBB Forced convection benchtop oven features a combination of horizontal and vertical airflow that offers excellent temperature uniformity at a moderate price. It is recommended for a ...

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Despatch Industries
drying oven / heating / curing / car bottom
drying oven

EcoInCure – Innovative car body curing from the inside EcoInCure stands for a new generation of car body curing: The heating and cooling of the car body take place primarily from the inside. Best surface quality EcoInCure’s air flow ...

drying oven / truck-in / electric / forced convection
drying oven
SLW series

Capacity: 15 l - 1,005 l
Maximum temperature: 5 °C - 300 °C

Application: – thermal resistance analysis of building materials – electronic and electro-technical components – tests of properties of products subjected to high temperatures – drying of wires of papermaking machines – drying ...

heating oven / truck-in / steam
heating oven

Standard type of heating cabinets fitting for pallets with 2, 4 or 8 x 200 liter drums According to the demands these cabinets can be equipped with electric heating systems, thermal oil or steam heat exchangers. The internal equipment ...

drying oven / curing / heat treatment / chamber
drying oven

Capacity: 1,000 l
Maximum temperature: 200 °C

Powerful. Efficient. Reliable. - A more robust construction. - More powerful for a rapid rise in temperature. - A stronger air flow. - A more important air renewal to vent clearances. - More homogeneous. Industrial ovens XL are perfectly ...

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France Etuves
heat treatment furnace / shuttle / electric resistance / high-temperature
heat treatment furnace
ELV Series

Capacity: 8, 7.4, 7.5 l
Maximum temperature: 1,100, 1,400, 1,600, 1,700, 1,800 °C

ELV series are designed for bottom loading operations and for quick charging and discharging procedures in laboratories. Available with brick and fiber insulation elements, with a wide variety of options, ELV series is used for glaze ...

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Protherm Furnaces
tempering furnace / truck-in / pressure
tempering furnace
ATS series

ATS 4.0 produces high quality glass, with minimum defects. This is due to our new technology which manages our state of the art tempering processes. ATS 4.0 Size range from 1500×3800 mm to 3300×6000 mm. Available also in customizable ...

heating oven / truck-in / hot air impingement
heating oven
Blue M Burn-In Oven

Heavy gauge steel exterior Reinforced 304 stainless steel interior Welded and sealed construction 4 Inches of fiberglass insulation Baked-on powder-coated enamel finish Blue M silicone door seal design Clean ...

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Thermal Product Solutions
polymerization oven / truck-in / for carbon fiber
polymerization oven

reheating furnace / car bottom / gas / for aeronautical applications
reheating furnace

Maximum temperature: 0 °C - 1,350 °C

PROCESS: reheating for forging and molding MATERIALS: round and square billets, forged bars various type, shape, dimension and steel grade HEATING:gas fired - natural gas MAX TEMPERATURE: 1.350 °C BURNERS: - high velocity with central ...

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I.C.M.I. S.R.L.
hardening furnace / car bottom / gas / continuous
hardening furnace

Gas-fired Furnace Systems Technical features:Furnaces for various applicationsSuperb heat treatment resultsLow power consumption due to multilayer refractory lining with best insulation propertiesProprietary burner systems with large ...

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ThermConcept Dr. Fischer
drying oven / truck-in / electric / laboratory
drying oven
13.7 cu.ft, +15 °C ... +260 °C | SMO14-2

The SHEL LAB SMO14-2 features 14 cubic feet of economical oven space (consider the SMO14HP-2 for the same amount of space with superior uniformity). The independent overtemperature safety feature is user adjustable and provides added ...

drying oven / truck-in / electric
drying oven

This cost-effective solar kiln is a simple system sold in kit form. The kit includes blueprints, assembly instructions, circulation fans, specialty hardware, and a list of materials needed for construction.

drying oven / truck-in / electric
drying oven

On principle, varnish chamber dryers differ from ovens without solvent evaporation through the monitoring equipment and exhaust fan installed for this purpose.

heating oven / truck-in / electric
heating oven

Maximum temperature: 150 °C

LEWCO’s High-Performance Drum Ovens provide 25% faster heat-up times and, by design, are safer than traditional “hot box” models. This model features integrated spill containment and is suitable for indoor use only. ...

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heat treatment furnace / car bottom / combustion / for forging
heat treatment furnace

Drop bottom furnaces are the easiest equipment to complete the solution heat treatment and T6 in a batch configuration. The combination of the main features like customized air distribution furnace system, quick door opening , heavy duty ...

heating oven / truck-in / cabinet / electric
heating oven

calcination furnace / quenching / sintering / truck-in
calcination furnace

Electric Heating Elements installed on all four walls guarantee good temperature uniformity in Bottom Loading and Bottom Drop Furnaces and are commonly delivered with integrated cooling or quenching stations. These furnaces can be electrically ...

drying oven / truck-in / electric / laboratory
drying oven
2 m³, max. +120 °C | DO1

A robust and user-friendly oven with a single wheel-in/wheel-out trolley. The DO1 is the smallest oven in the Essa range of efficient high-capacity electric ovens tailored for application and specific sample loads. Benefits Reduced ...

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Essa Australia