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マルチモードマイクロプレート リーダー VANTAstar

マルチモードマイクロプレート リーダー
マルチモードマイクロプレート リーダー




Easy-to-use, flexible microplate reader with monochromators, spectrometer, and filters. The VANTAstarTM is a compact microplate reader conceived for ease-of-use and flexibility. This multi-mode reader provides the perfect detection platform for a wide range of applications in basic research and life sciences. The combination of BMG LABTECH´s patented dual LVF MonochromatorTM system, UV/vis absorbance spectrometer and filters ensures full wavelength flexibility. In addition, the Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) technology combined with a fast full-plate auto-focus significantly improves usability and enables an effortless detection setup. Atmospheric Control Unit, temperature incubation, multiple shaking, well scan and reagent injectors make the VANTAstar the ideal platform for any live cell-based assay. Features • - LVF Monochromators for wavelength flexibility and performance • - Automatic sensitivity adjustment with EDR • - Rapid full-plate auto-focus • - Optimised luminescence detection with automatic cross-talk reduction • - Spectral scanning in absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence • - Dedicated features for live cell-based assays • - Full top/bottom detection capability with automatic switch • - Reduced footprint