XYZポジショニングステージ / Z軸 / モーター式 / マルチ軸

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XYZポジショニングステージ XYZポジショニングステージ - FSL40XYZ-T


  • 方向:

    XYZ, Z軸

  • タイプ:


  • 軸の数:


  • その他の特徴:

    精密, 小型, -翻訳中-, 高速, 産業用, ボールねじ式

  • ストローク:

    最少: 50 mm (1.969 in)

    最大: 1,000 mm (39.37 in)

  • 速度:

    最少: 40 mm/s

    最大: 255 mm/s


Linear Module is a kind of low cost, simple structure assembly, three-dimensional orthogonal translation, support repeated programming automation control system, which can be used as cnc in rubber, plastic, spraying, stacking, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading, assembling, engraving, 3d printing and other common industrial production field.In general, cartesian robot contains linear axis, belt driven or ball screw system, Motion Controller, Stepper Motor Driver and power supplier.

【Technical Feature】
FSL40 linear guide is semi-sealer structure, body width 40mm, high stability,compact structure,versatility feature, suitable for normal working environment, it is convenient to use single axis or multi-axis to assemble easy functional usage robotic arms for kinds of industries.

【Range of Application】
Precise positioning, dispensing, spray painting, visual inspection, moving, grabbing, cutting and welding, automatic assembly, automatic locking screws, palletizing, etc. Such as: PCB board detection, optical disc stacking device, parts pick and place.

Certification: ISO, CE, FCC, RoHS
Series: FSL40
Stroke Range: 50mm~1000mm
Position Accuracy: 0.05mm
Max Speed: 250mm/s
Max Load: 25kg
Ball Screw: G1204/G1605/G1610

To get professional service, we have some questions for you,
please try to answer in your enquiry:
1.What machine do you use the stage on?
2.How long stroke need:X=? Y=? Z=?
3.How is the load and speed need?
4.Do need motor and accessory together?
If need OEM or other requirement, please tell us too.

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XYZ Linear Positioning System