video corpo

double-sided adhesive tape / acrylic / polyester / for electrical applications



  • Type:


  • Backing:

    acrylic, polyester

  • Applications:

    for electrical applications

  • Other characteristics:

    transparent, heat-reflective

  • Operating temperature:

    Max.: 158 °F (70 °C)

    Min.: 60 °F (15.56 °C)


This 1.0mil adhesive comes with polyester liner for adhesive applications that are contamination critical, especially those on smooth surfaces. In addition to the low odor, corrosion and non-fogging characteristic, the item also comes with high shear strength at room temperature, along with short high temperature exposure.

There are various features and benefits, including the low outgassing at escalated temperatures and very low extractable ionic content. The item helps reduce the risk of chemical contamination, which in time can cause head corrosion and media flogging, which can lead to failures of the hard drive.

The worker handling is improved by the low odor, while the low water vapor transmission rate provides an effective water vapor barrier.

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