video corpo

double-sided adhesive tape / polyester / for window seals / transparent



  • Type:


  • Backing:


  • Applications:

    for window seals

  • Other characteristics:


  • Operating temperature:

    Max.: 158 °F (70 °C)

    Min.: 60 °F (15.56 °C)


3M™ Ultra-Clean Laminating Adhesive is ideal whenever contamination-free application is necessary, especially on rough surfaces. Its main features are low outgassing, corrosion, odor, and non-fogging. The adhesive is made of acrylic to enable high shear strength while working at room temperature and when put to short exposure at high temperature. The most noted feature of the adhesive is its low outgassing feature even at high temperature and its minimal extractable ionic content. There is no chance of head corrosion and fogging or risk of chemical contamination. No fogging or condensation formation in the windows. It does not release any odors, thereby ensuring working efficiency. Low water vapor transmission rate prevents water vapor formation.

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