double-sided adhesive tape / industrial / foam / plate mounting
3M™ E1215



  • Type:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    foam, plate mounting

  • Width:

    419.1 mm, 457.2 mm, 1,371.6 mm


0.015 inch (0.38 mm) double coated foam tape has the air release feature with a plate side adhesive technology designed to remove with less force from flexographic print platesE1215 has a light density foam that is ideal for printing combinations of solids and process with halftone dotsOrange foam color indicates the light density foamE1215 securely bonds the flexographic photopolymer plate to the print sleeve or steel cylinder to prevent plate edge lifting during printingBubble Free Flexographic Plate Mounting3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1215 is an orange foam tape that provides high quality combination print. This is the tape for light combination print. It has the air release feature that allows for bubble free mounting. This flexographic plate mounting tape has excellent resistance to lifting on press allowing for easy and clean plate removal. 3M flexographic plate mounting tapes are highly engineered to provide very tight caliper tolerance to allow printers to use tape from different manufacturing lots and keep tight print registration. The compressible foam will withstand long and high speed print runs.