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oil mist separator / disc stack / for grinding processes / self-cleaning
Lova 900



  • Technology:

    disc stack

  • Separated substance:

    oil mist

  • Application domain:

    for grinding processes

  • Other characteristics:

    self-cleaning, compact, high-efficiency

  • Flow rate:

    900 m³/h (31,783.2 ft³/h)


The oil mist separator Lova is designed for machining processes that use oils or coolants and is suitable for all machine tools with a cabin volume of up to 9m³/318CF.

The disc stack technology will effectively separate the fluid particles (oil mist) formed during metal processing, return the oil mist for reuse and provide clean air into the workshop. With the final stage HEPA-filter, we return a 99.95% particle free air. The Lova has the capacity even for tougher applications such as grinding and machining of cast iron.