inductive proximity sensor / cylindrical / for hazardous areas / IP65
P100 | P1001V10A, P1001V10A/10, P1002V10A, P1002V10A/10, ...



  • Technology:


  • Shape:


  • Protection level:

    for hazardous areas, IP65

  • Output signal:


  • Other characteristics:

    with LED light, non-contact

  • Applications:

    for conveyors

  • Measuring range:

    8 mm

    Max.: 8 mm

    Min.: 0 mm


The P100 is an 18 mm inductive sensor capable of detecting metal components in dangerous situations like handling, warehousing, packaging, conveying, assembly, processing, and many more. It can be also applied in generating pulses to detect speed of rotations. It uses a 2 wire multi voltage technology or a 10 ~ 30V DC NPN or PNP. The sensor can detect metal materials up to 8mm away.

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