machine tool vise / low-profile / 5-axis machining



  • Applications:

    for machine tools

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  • Other characteristics:

    5-axis machining


The 5th Axis Fixtures are made from hardened alloy steel and to precise standards. The innovative fixtures provide an exceptional clamping force, with superior efficiency to any other traditional workholding system or vise available. This leads to reduced costs, faster shop through-put and the fewest number of operations to complete parts. These advantages are due to the fact that machining access is to 5 surfaces of the work piece.

Parts can be easily found and removed from the fixture as the precision-top mounted locating pin repeats within .001. This removes the worry that parts may be relocated to incorrect positions. Exceptional clamping force is achieved due to the 45° angle, producing 1 to 1 positive clamping. As little as .06 of material can be held by the dovetail fixtures. This enables lower cost operation by enabling the use of smaller stock sizes and less need to machine away excessive material.