air filter / panel / pleated / high-efficiency
VariCel® series

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air filter / panel / pleated / high-efficiency air filter / panel / pleated / high-efficiency - VariCel® series


  • Designed for:


  • Filtration element:


  • Other characteristics:

    pleated, high-efficiency, high-temperature, for pharmaceutical applications, particulate


Product Overview
Dual-density media reduces operating costs
Excellent performance in difficult operating conditions
Designed to improve Indoor Air Quality
Water-resistant media ideal for installations in humid areas, or where exposed to moisture
MERV 14, MERV 13, and MERV 11 efficiencies
MERV 14 and MERV 11 available with antimicrobial
MERV 14 and MERV 13 meet LEED® Project Certification efficiency requirements
UL Classified

Typical Applications
Commercial Buildings
Museums & Historic Storage
Schools and Universities

Designed to Improve Indoor Air Quality
VariCel filters with antimicrobial are designed specifically to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Air filters are designed to trap and concentrate particulate air contaminants, including viable fungal and bacterial spores. The presence of antimicrobial preservative in the filter media is intended to preserve the integrity of the media throughout the useful life of the filter. Antimicrobial preservatives are not meant to increase the efficiency of the filter, nor to kill microorganisms “on the fly” as they pass through a filter. Antimicrobial is EPA registered and environmentally safe.