warehouse management (WMS) software / ERP / data exchange / network



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    warehouse management (WMS), ERP, data exchange

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Highly competitive industries, such as the automotive and retail industries, rely upon highly efficient processes to stay competitive in global markets. In addition to standardized electronic communication (EDI), abas also offers special functions for all companies with high-performance logistics.

EDI – one language for all
Paperless data exchange is a must in many industries. abas ERP incorporates the internationally established Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standard, which connects manufacturers, customers and suppliers and enables full control of the flow of goods, data and money within the partner network. Automation through standardized formats such as VDA, ODETTE, EDIFACT or ANSI X12 significantly speeds up business processes such as purchase orders, deliveries, invoicing and payment runs.

We understand automotive
Automotive suppliers in particular are facing increasing pricing pressure. Increasingly short innovation cycles, increasing model diversity and integration in a wide range of MRP and logistics processes at the different manufacturers mean that mid-sized companies – and their ERP systems – are facing major challenges. In addition to the required adherence to delivery dates, other aspects such as quality, cost control, flexibility and data visibility are becoming more important.