workflow management software / monitoring / programming / modeling



  • Function:

    monitoring, programming, modeling, optimization, workflow management

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Every day, your employees carry out a large number of routine activities. With professional workflow management, these processes can be improved, standardized and simplified. Fixed, defined workflows shorten processing times, reduce errors and guarantee reliable release processes. abas Workflow provides a graphical tool for intuitive modeling, automation and monitoring of your individual workflows – all without the need for programming knowledge.

Process optimization made easy
From procurement logistics to the ticket system, from marketing to intelligent maintenance – the possibilities are endless. abas Workflow adapts to your specific business workflows and visualizes even complex process chains. The basic principle is simple: Every process is broken down into its component parts, which are connected logically and in a time sequence. The individual tasks are provided with deadlines and priorities and assigned to employees or a processing group, who are sent reminders of imminent To Dos.You have a complete overview of all active workflows and their statuses at all times. In just a few clicks, you can evaluate processing times for the individual steps and analyze bottlenecks in the process chain – outstanding incentives for further process optimization.