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automated cleaning system / vacuum / compact / robust



  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, compact, robust, with articulated robot


The FeatherDuster system advances vehicle paint lines by replacing purpose-built “tack off” machines with robotic technology that is incredibly flexible and built on well-established standards to achieve higher quality, efficiency and ease of use.
Traditionally, purpose built “tack-off” machines have handled the painstaking task of removing dust and dirt particles from a vehicle before it is painted on an assembly line. ABB’s FeatherDuster system replaces these one-dimensional machines with an unheard of level of precision, control and flexibility by combining a standard ABB robot with an advanced rotating feather and vacuum tool to suck particles from the surface of the vehicle.
Features and benefits:
Compact design; very small factory floor footprint
Low investment cost and high energy efficiency
Precise and flexible movement for effective cleaning
High reliability (MTBF> 50,000 h), easy maintenance
Modular design and convenient/fast installation
Easy programming and control with familiar, time-tested tools