semi-automatic labeler / for self-adhesive labels / in-line / side



  • Operational mode:


  • Type:

    for self-adhesive labels

  • Other characteristics:

    in-line, side

  • Throughput:

    45 p/min


Labelette's (Semi-Automatic Pressure Sensitive) SPS-104 Labeler is an economical and efficient labeling machine for round containers. The unit is manufactured from Stainless Steel and anodized aluminum creating a durable but portable machine. The SPS-104 utilizes a Micro-Processor control package that is easy to set up, change over, and use and has a maximum production speed capability of greater than 100 containers per minute. The SPS-104 is the smart choice for the small production runs, R & D Projects, new product roll out or when efficiency and equipment cost are the major considerations