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arch stone vacuum lifting device / for heavy loads / hydraulic / secure



  • Product applications:

    for arch stones, for heavy loads

  • Power:


  • Options:


  • Carrying capacity:

    20 t (22 us ton)


The vacuum lifter is exceptionally engineered to provide demoulding as well as edgewise storage of segments, in an efficiently executed single take. The entire operation takes place in optimal safety. The lifter provides the services of two equipments in a single, comprehensive entity- a demoulding vacuum lifter and a segment turning machine.

The lifter unmoulds and turns every segment on its extrado by a 90-degree angle. In case of power failure, it holds load for 30 minutes and more. The segment is typically suctioned horizontally, although vertical suctioning is provided optionally. It is optimized for indoor and outdoor use, with maximum load-bearing capacity of 20 tons. It weighs 1500 - 5000 kg.