touch screen monitor / LCD / 10" / panel-mount
AcuTouch 10



  • Technology:

    touch screen, LCD

  • Display size:


  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-brightness, compact, rugged

  • Applications:



The AcuTouch 10” LCD touch screen is a compact and cost-effective solution for mobile computing solutions in small spaces such as field vehicles for municipalities, emergency services or even an aircraft. It features a variety of mounting options which makes it both easy to read and use, no matter what type of environment it is installed in. In addition to the standard VESA system employed on all of our monitors, the 10” AcuTouch also has a convenient bezel design which makes it especially useful for panel mounting. The touch screen features resistive touch technology allowing the system to be easily used even when wearing gloves, providing an accurate and sensitive response to the user’s touch while offering outstanding durability. The AcuTouch is built with a rugged design and is protected by a lightweight aluminum shell. This design extends the life of the monitor, ensuring it will be operational for the life of the vehicle and beyond. The connections for the AcuTouch are all non-proprietary and can be easily connected to any of our PowerBrick computers.