mobile computer / quad-core / VGA / HDMI
PowerBrick Mini



  • Type:


  • Processor:


  • Ports:

    VGA, HDMI, RJ45, serial port

  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, compact, mini

  • Field:

    data acquisition


Powered by Intel Quad Core J3160, PowerBrick Mini delivers higher computing performance and less power consumption in a super compact form. The PowerBrick-Mini offers dual independent display capability with VGA and HDMI connectors, Dual Intel GbE LAN ports, USBs 2.0/3.0, RJ45 Serial Ports, and mini-PCIe socket for optional wireless module connection.

PowerBrick Mini supports 12V DC input which enhances its reliability in different power condition. With dual independent display and super graphic performance, the PowerBrick Mini is an ideal choice for public information, self-service Kiosk, access control or data acquisition controllers.