rack-mount computer / Intel® Atom E3826 / SATA / RJ45



  • Type:


  • Processor:

    Intel® Atom E3826

  • Ports:

    SATA, RJ45

  • Other characteristics:


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Powered by the new Intel Atom E3826 processor, the fanless AcuRack 19 industrial PC features a highly optimized thermal design to operate over a temperature range of -5 ~ 50°C at full software load. Internal heat sinks with air convection chimney have been used to remove heat from the processor and the chipset. This industrial PC can be supplied with 4GB memory, high speed 2.5″ SATA flash drive with a capacity up to 512GB.

AcuRack 19 is recommended for computer applications in dusty or highly toxic environments. The risk of failure in contaminated conditions is directly proportional to the speed of the air flow. For example, a computer with air fans can suffer serious damage in water filtration plants that have high concentrations of chlorine in the ambient air. Another example is a common problem in automotive tire plants, where sulfur in rubber dust accumulates on the internal computer board, disintegrating the fine copper traces causing catastrophic failures.