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Innova 1409

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gas sampler / benchtop gas sampler / benchtop - Innova 1409


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Multipoint Sampler Designed for Innova Gas Monitors
The Advanced Energy Innova 1409 is a reliable, easy-to-use multipoint sampler for gas sampling of up to 24 different locations. The Innova 1409 is designed to be remotely controlled from a PC using a USB interface in conjunction with an Innova Photoacoustic Gas Monitor to provide a flexible, sensitive, and accurate monitoring system.
•In conjunction with an Innova gas monitor, measure concentrations of up to five gases, water vapor, and air pressure in each sample
•Full remote control from a PC with Innova ventilation software
•Remotely control the instrument by using an Innova photoacoustic gas monitor or a PC
Advanced Energy’s Innova® 1409 Multipoint Sampler is designed to provide a flexible, sensitive, and accurate monitoring system. The instrument is offered as a 6-, 12-, or 24-channel multipoint sampler, enabling gas samples to be drawn from up to 24 different sampling locations and delivered to the gas monitor.
Configure the sampling system either directly via the front panel interface of the gas monitor or Innova software. The Innova 1409 communicates with the gas monitor over a USB interface. When using the Innova software, the computer connects to the gas monitor via RS232, USB, or Ethernet interface.
•Collect air samples from up to 24 locations
•Use as a standalone multipoint monitoring system or use online for on-screen measurement data results
•Remotely control using the gas monitor or a PC
•Combine with a gas monitor for versatile monitoring without changing system components