reflex type photoelectric sensor / rectangular / infrared / plastic



  • Sensing mode:

    reflex type

  • Housing:


  • Type of beam:


  • Other characteristics:

    plastic, IP67

  • Maximum range:

    Min.: 0 m (0'00")

    Max.: 8 m (26'02")


The photoelectric sensors or photocells are provitive electronics by Aeco. The sensors were built using the principles of light emissions integrated with the electronics.

They are made up of an emitter or luminous source; the light rays of which are detected through a receiver. The difference in luminous signal, acquired when interrupting this ray, is changed into an electrical signal, and is gauged and utilized by an electrical circuit.

The light used is either infrared or red. By utilizing this light, different kinds of photoelectric sensors can be created. There are sensors with reflection models with reflector or reflex.

This kind is also equipped with the emitter and receiver close together. The reflection of the light emitted is acquired with the use of one or more reflectors.