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corrosion protection coating / for metal structures

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corrosion protection coating / for metal structures corrosion protection coating / for metal structures - 148
  • Corrosion protection coating / for metal structures


  • Function:

    corrosion protection

  • Applications:

    for metal structures


Brite Galvanize Coating is an effective way to repair hot-dip galvanizing that has been damaged by abrasion, scratching, cutting or welding. Cosmetically repairs both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces with one coat interim protection, or multiple coats for longer-term protection.

97% pure zinc metallic flake
65% zinc in dry film
Zinc fuses to metal substrate
Restores surfaces to the bright look of hot-dip
Stops rust and corrosion on any iron or steel surface
Will continue to protect against corrosion even if scratched
Does not contain lead, chromates, methylene chloride or fluorocarbons
Meets performance requirements of ASTM A780
Acceptable as a coating in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for application to structural surfaces where there is a possibility of incidental food contact

Applications: Use on pipes, heavy equipment, highway guard rails, hand rails, welds, metal chain fences, bridges, storage tanks, corrugated metal buildings, transformers, television towers, signs and sign posts, railroad equipment, construction equipment, and anywhere the bright look of hot-dipped surfaces is desired.