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cold galvanizer spray / multi-use / for metal

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cold galvanizer spray / multi-use / for metal cold galvanizer spray / multi-use / for metal - 147
  • Cold galvanizer spray / multi-use / for metal


  • Function:

    cold galvanizer

  • Applications:

    multi-use, for metal


MRO Cold Galvanize Coating :

This MRO Cold Galvanize Coating is a cost effective zinc spray coating that imparts temporary zinc protection in the weld-thru process from fabrication, to maintenance, and repair. Even at one coat, interim protection is provided if the surface is scratched or broken; an electrochemical reaction (sacrificial anodization), causes the zinc to sacrifice itself for the base metal's protection.

* 97% pure metallic zinc dust with 93% zinc in dry film
* Acts as metallic primer and can be final protective coating at 1 - 2 mil thickness
* If moisture is present, zinc will corrode but it will continue to protect the metal surface
* An economical coating for preventive maintenance on galvanized parts and with multiple coats for longer term protection
* Meets multiple ASTM and MIL specifications (see product data sheet for details)
* Acceptable as a coating in federally inspected meat and poultry plants for application to structural surfaces where there is a possibility of incidental food contact