tension load cell / ring / stainless steel / IP67

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tension load cell / ring / stainless steel / IP67 tension load cell / ring / stainless steel / IP67


  • Type:


  • Form:


  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, IP67, strain gauge

  • Rated force:

    Max.: 2,500 kN

    Min.: 300 kN


Load cells find wide applications in the field of
civil engineering. They are mainly employed to
measure and control tension in cable and rock
anchors, on walls, diaphragms and structural
Load cells are generally made in 17-4 PH
stainless steel and, depending on their specific
use, they are manufactured in different shapes
and sizes with different F.S. ranges up to a max.
of 2500 KN load. Cells of different types and
ranges may be supplied according to the Client’s
They have a toroidal shape with a strain-gauge
using a full Wheatstone bridge transducer. Cells
are supplied as standard with a special straingauge
bridge transducer made of 4 active strain
-gauges. They may be supplied with a straingauge
bridge transducer with 8 active straingauges
if required.
Another special application consists of four independent
strain-gauges with two output cables,
one for each bridge, for additional reliability.
Should one of the two bridges be damaged,
operations can still be carried out by the second
bridge, thus resulting in uninterrupted accurate
The special transducer location and the particular
cell geometry design allow reduced sensitivity
to eccentric loads.
Electrical output signals allow easy remote automatic
reading and data logging.
Cells may be supplied with a current/voltage
converter, depending on the specific need,
either inside or outside the cell thus allowing the
converter to be protected from spiking and increasing