gas cooler / for samples / compact / stainless steel
BCR 01



  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for samples

  • Other characteristics:

    compact, stainless steel

  • Power:

    190 W (648.31 BTU/h)

  • Flow rate:

    125 l/h, 150 l/h, 250 l/h (33.022 us gal/h)


- 1 Gas path (PVDF, glass, stainless steel)
- 125-250Nl/hr per gas path
- Digital temperature display, alarm contact function
- Wall-mount housing (front/side), mobile versions
- Condensate pump optional

The compact high performance and low maintenance compressor coolers series BCR01 are used for continuous extractive gas analysis. They serve primarily for exact constant lowering of the sample gas dew point and thus for drying of the humid sample gas flow. In this way water vapour cross sensitivities and volumetric errors are minimized and damages of the sensible analyzer are avoided. With optional integrated peristaltic pump for condensate removal complete devices series BCR01 are quick and simple integrable in sample gas conditioning systems.

The precise proportional temperature control in combination with the long-lasting hot-gas bypass system and the innovative corrosion resistant heat exchangers achieves low extremely constant dew points. Also load fluctuations and high thermal stress is compensated reliably. The heat exchanger is built in a solid aluminium cylinder which guarantees an optimal energy exchange between sample gas and cooling medium. In addition, the aluminum cylinder is an effective cold storage that supports the compensation of unfavorable operating conditions. The BCR01 is equipped with an exchangeable heat exchanger which allows an easy replacement without dismantling the device.