air filter bag / polypropylene / pleated



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    for air

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We have filter bags of various materials suitable for waste incineration,

coal-fired power generation, biomass power generation, steel and non-

ferrous metal manufacturing, cement manufacturing, asphalt mixing plants,

etc. The size of the filter bags can be made according to customer


1.Polypropylene isn’t stable under UV. And it is easy to be deformed while

the temperature is higher than 82℃。

2.Polypropylene sulfide is easy to be damaged with strong oxidizer like

O2,NOx,Br2.Thus, if there are those gas,

We advice to reduce working temperature.

3.Polyimide (P84) is easy to be affected by SOX under the circumstance of

power station and smoke.

4.Teflon is easy to extend under high temperature if overload.

Note: So far we can provideφ150andφ130 bag house, while the length can

be designed according to customers’

needs. Meanwhile, orders with specified sizes are acceptable.

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