light fixture / ceiling-mounted / LED / office



  • Type:

    light fixture, ceiling-mounted

  • Illumination technology:


  • Applications:

    office, for shops, for workstations

  • Other characteristics:

    surface-mounted, shadowless, IP44

  • Power:

    Min.: 13 W

    Max.: 40 W


With rounded and flattened shape in its upper part allows its installation to ceiling or wall. Diffuser or slat can be added and it can be suspended, in continuous line and with different dispositions. Among many others, the Modular luminaire is suitable for shopping centers and supermarkets.

The Modular luminaire of Airfal is a single-lamp or lamp model, with which it is possible to optimize the formation of continuous lines by minimizing the space between light sources. Its dimensions and the possibility of installation both separately and forming the most varied figures, makes this model suitable to illuminate any place where a small luminaire is needed.
Although it stands out for its rounded appearance, it has the advantage of having a flat base, which allows a comfortable installation attached to the ceiling.
The Modular luminaire has as a luminous accessory polycarbonate prismatic diffusers to avoid glare in the installations. It also has as a luminous accessory of lattices of white slats in polycarbonate to avoid glare in the installations.
This Led luminaire, with high performance, has a very long life span thanks to the use of LED technology. It has an IP44 protection index.