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disc brake caliper / hydraulic / spring

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disc brake caliper / hydraulic / spring disc brake caliper / hydraulic / spring


  • Type:


  • Operation:

    hydraulic, spring

  • Braking force:

    Min.: 10,000 N

    Max.: 750,000 N


Hydraulic caliper brakes
steel-adapters In partnership with Coremo Ocmea, Eaton offers a complete range of hydraulic brakes, including hydraulic caliper and direct hydraulic brakes in oil-applied and spring-applied types. With a legacy of meticulous design, high-quality components and a reliable production process, our caliper brakes offer:
Fast response time for maximum safety
Long lifetime and simple maintenance for reduced machine downtime
Customization based on climate, duty cycles, temperatures and other environmental challenges, providing a solution for most industrial applications
Features such as custom coatings and spring sets that help ensure the product will not fail prematurely

Eaton hydraulic caliper brakes offer a solution for the safety requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. The products are suitable for holding/parking, emergency, cyclic and tensioning applications, and are designed to withstand the stresses generated during dynamic braking. They excel in aggressive conditions, including extreme temperatures and geographical locations as well as corrosive and volatile environments.
Common applications include:

Oil and gas
Industrial manufacturing

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