assembly workstation / manual / tilting
VacuStand VSI



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    manual, tilting


The Working Stands distinguish themselves by their light and very sturdy design. The workpieces are automatically engaged and safely held when being set down. On the VS-I sucked on workpieces can be swivelled manually by 90° and endlessly rotated. On the VS-II the workpieces can be swivelled by 90° in both directions. The pre-adusted positions can be clamped manually or by foot control. They are released by simple activation of the foot control, so that the workpiece can always be held onto. Additionally, the Working Stands can be equipped with different suction pads, pneumatic drives and different vacuum generators. The areas of application are almost limitless:

For both designs various suction pads and attachments and a multitud of accessories are available.

Allround handling of workpieces of all kinds
Assembly aids for working on glass panes
Fasten brackes in the furniture industry
Assembly aids for automated production processes

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