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hot juice extractor

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hot juice extractor hot juice extractor - Pecsa


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Years of experience have led to the development of this system which is particularly suitable for the extraction of puree and juices from vegetable products and fruit.
The machine can be used with products at various temperatures, can be equipped with sieves with different holing and makes it possible to intervene on the squeezing degree in many ways (rotor speed, distance between rotor and sieve, inclination of the rotor blades) ensuring the maximum flexibility as compared to other solutions proposed by the market.

These machines are used in the cases where it is required to separate peels, seeds, stalks from the juice or the puree of the treated products.

- Possibility to reach very low moisture degree of the waste, less than 50% and to maximize the puree yield of the extraction process.
- Maximum flexibility which makes it possible to regulate the machine so as to maximize its performance even with very different products, or products with different squeezing requirements.
- Conical shape of rotor and sieve, which make it possible to optimize the squeezing degree, as well as the protection of the integrity of seeds and stalks during the treatment and to significantly reduce the maintenance costs.
- Low energy consumptions as compared to the other machines available on the market.

The potentiality in terms of capacity of the inlet product is 30 ton/h for HB tomato and 15-20 ton/h for fruit

- HB and CB ground tomato
- Fruit/vegetables purees

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