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aseptic filler / for the food industry / beverage / fruit juice
Sterill Fill 2T



  • Domain:

    for the food industry

  • Product applications:

    beverage, fruit juice, for viscous liquids

  • Container type:


  • Type:

    volumetric, aseptic

  • Other characteristics:


  • Throughput:

    15 p/h, 200 p/h

  • Volume:

    Min.: 200 l (52.8 gal)

    Max.: 1,000 l (264.2 gal)


Many years of experience in the development of sterilization and packaging technologies in aseptic mode, have led to the manufacturing of this filler which can guarantee the maximum reliability, minimum maintenance requirements and very high degree of simplification.

The machine is fitted with two filling heads in aseptic mode and can fill 200 or 1,000 l bags, and through an additional equipment, even small 5-10 and 20 kg bags.

- Sterilization system of the vapour bag’s nozzle.
- Tilted filling heads which can guarantee the perfect condensation discharge thus preventing its falling inside the keg containing the aseptic bag.
- Filling control performed through a volumetric measuring device which, if required, can be replaced with a mass measuring device, or with load cells.
- Design choices which make the machine very compact and allow its full assembly before shipping, thus accelerating installation and starting operations.
- Full machine automation and possibility of its remote control.

The potentiality is as follows:
- Up to 200 - 60-65 l bags/hour
- Up to 15 - 1,000 l bags/hour

- Low, medium and high viscosity products
- Tomato juice or sauce
- Fruit natural purée
- Fruit juices and nectars
- Homogeneous piece-containing products