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The high power waveplates are manufactured from MgF2 or crystalline quartz. They have a 20/10S/D surface finish and 11.37-degree acceptance angle. The units display a retardation tolerance of λ/300 @ 20 degrees Celsius and a wavefront distortion of λ/10 @ 632.8nm. They are coated with anti-reflective material that reduces reflection to less than 2% at each surface.

They have a damage threshold that is more than 20J/cm2 @ 1,064nm, 10ns pulses at 10Hz. The waveplates facilitate easy mounting on mounts manufactured from black anodized metal and are 25.4 x 6mm in size. Mounting the waveplates imparts ease of use. Half waveplates and quarter waveplates are also available. They have aperture sizes of 10 to 18mm in the range of 2.8-9.0 microns. Waveplates are 0.2 to 1.0mm thick. They have a coating of dielectric AR material so that Fresnel losses are eliminated in the mid-IR area.

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