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lithium triborate (LiB3O5, LBO) crystal / non-linear optical / laser

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lithium triborate (LiB3O5, LBO) crystal lithium triborate (LiB3O5, LBO) crystal - 4-LBO


  • Crystal type:

    lithium triborate (LiB3O5, LBO)

  • Technical characteristics:

    non-linear optical

  • Use:



Transparency range 160 - 2800 nm
Dimensional tolerances +0/-0.1 mm
Length tolerance ±0.1 mm
Orientation accuracy of cut angle <30 arcmin
Surface quality 20-10 S-D after coating
Wavefront distortion <λ/8 @ 632.8 nm
Parallelism error <20 arcsec
Perpendicularity <5 arcmin
Protective chamfers 10 GW/cm2 for 10 ns pulses @ 1064 nm

It is unique in many aspects, especially its wide transparency range, moderately high non-linear coupling, high damage threshold and good chemical and mechanical properties. Its transmission range is from 0.16m to 2.6m.
LBO allows temperature-controllable non-critical phase-matching (NCPM) for 1.0-1.3 m, Type I SHG, and also provides room temperature NCPM for Type II SHG at 0.8-1.1 m. It possesses a relatively large angular acceptance bandwidth, reducing the beam quality requirements for source lasers.
We offer Positioning Mount 5APH59T-1 for Nonlinear Crystal Housing.