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PLIF flow visualization system / laser-induced fluorescence

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PLIF flow visualization system PLIF flow visualization system - LaserEye


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    PLIF, laser-induced fluorescence


UVIRV is a visualizer and it is designed for visualizing IR and UV coherent and incoherent radiation. The radiations may emanate from laser or other sources of type-light. The device does not require any electrical power supply. This ceramic tablet is made from rare earth element compounds and is ecologically safe.

IRV model of visualize converts near IR radiation of pulsed and CW lasers to visible green light. The device is made using special ceramic and anti stokes luminophores. UVIRV-IRV Twin model combines features of UVIRV and IRV. One side of this device emits red color and is for UV-IRV visualization while the other side, which emits green color, is for IRV visualization. IRV card model shares its features with IRV visualize but it is not mounted in a holder. It comes in an integrated design.