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zero order waveplate / quartz

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zero order waveplate zero order waveplate - CPW-LO/ZO-L
  • Zero order waveplate


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The Waveplates by Altechna are made with Crystalline Quartz. It has an 18mm or more clear aperture, R less than 0.2% AR coatings for every surface, λ/300 at 20°C retardation tolerance, λ/10 at 632.8nm wavefront distortion, and 20-10 scratch and dig surface quality. Its inaccuracy in parallelism is less than 3arcsec and its laser destruction threshold is 5J/cm2 10 ns pulsed at 1064 nm.

It is mounted in 25.4mmx6mm black-colored anodized metal mount. Air-spaced, glued or optically contacted Zero Order compensated phase retardation plates are offered for the product to be suitable in any uses. The waveplates was structured with birefringent materials. The extraordinary and ordinary rays' velocities through the birefringent material varies oppositely with their refractive indices.

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