data analysis software / viewer / storage / data logger
Cyclops Logger



  • Function:

    data analysis, viewer, storage, data logger

  • Applications:

    for pyrometers

  • Operating system:

    Windows, Android

  • Other characteristics:



Free software utility enabling Cyclops L portable pyrometer users to view, analyse and save measurement data.

Cyclops Logger software allows users to store, view, analyse and record temperature data acquired by our full range of Cyclops L portable pyrometers.

Free to download to Windows PC or Android mobile device, Cyclops Logger records instantaneous temperature measurements each time the thermometer trigger is pressed, providing the option of live data analysis - as well as allowing stored data to be transferred to your device.

Simply connect via Bluetooth or USB, and a sequence (route) of measurement points for your plant or process can be configured in the software and uploaded back to Cyclops L.

Ideal for plants using multiple measurement locations, the software is compatible with Cyclops L models used for heat treating, reformer tubes, industrial processing and steel industry applications. It also works in a lesser featured capacity with the older Cyclops B range.