diaphragm seal with flange connection / for pressure gauges / process
SMJ series



  • Installation system:

    with flange connection

  • Other characteristics:

    for pressure gauges

  • Field:


  • Pressure:

    1,500 psi


Mansfield & Green Type SMJ Series diaphragm seals function as flow through type seals especially for pressure measurement applications. They are used within jacketed pipelines that carry heated process fluids. These SMJ seals are integrated with slip-on flanges so they can be quickly aligned and installed. If the seals have to be used in the field, them they should be connected via socket weld jacket. The only difference with SNJ seals is that this particular model have flanges, whereas the former do not have the. Another advantage is that SNJ seals can be butt welded into jacketed pipeline. Both the seal series work continuously and have a welded diaphragm seal design. The diaphragm will be welded directly onto the instrument housing. The inside portion of the diaphragm top is manufactured to fit the diaphragm interiors at maximum allowable deflection, thereby preventing distortion. Comes with a filling screw.