single-cylinder road roller / vibrating / articulated
ARS 110



  • Type:


  • Options:

    vibrating, articulated


The compact design of the Ammann ARS 110 Soil Compactor improves manoeuvrability and flexibility, making the machines exceptionally productive.

Safety is maximised through a cab that provides operators with 360° visibility and an intuitive, conveniently located control display.

The machine is extremely compact because of its innovative design, which efficiently positions the engine, coolers, liquid tanks and hydraulics in the engine compartment. The ARS 110 also is known for its visibility, fuel efficiency and climbing ability.

The proprietary ACEforce Intelligent Compaction system, which offers absolute compaction measurement and optional documentation, improves efficiency and quality. The availability of a variable range of frequencies make the machine a perfect fit for many applications and varied materials.

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