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solvent washing machine / water / automatic / for the recycling industry



  • Technology:

    solvent, water

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    for the recycling industry

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, friction, spray, for bottles, for plastics


High friction on the surface of the flakes, which are continuously
fed and extracted after a presetting residence time in the treatment
system. Washing water flows in and back of the washer, granting
an ever-clean bath.
Circulation water can be filtrated and then heated and conditioned
by chemical detergents, if needed.
Application fields
Suitable to be installed in the washing processes of the
thermoplastic materials for removing glue, organic residuals,
paper, surface dirt. Especially designed for bottle-to-bottle plants.
• Continuous process
• Hot washing with detergent
• Presetting residence time in the process (15 minutes for PET and
HDPE, 5 minutes for LDPE)
• Cold washing
• Reduced consumption of process water
• Reduced consumption of detergents
• Washing cycle in ever-clean running water
• Removal of the organic residuals up to 20 ppm
• Values of color b < 2