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The BASTM biological wastewater treatment process is the optimally designed combination of MBBR and activated sludge processes and is a leading edge process used for treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater

AnoxKaldnes™ BAS™, Biological Activated Sludge process, is a combination of Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology with conventional activated sludge (AS).MBBR is a biological wastewater treatment process that utilizes specialized polyethylene carriers (media) to create a large protected surface on which biofilm can attach. The media is mixed in the reactor, and the large surface area provides more treatment capacity in a smaller volume compared to conventional treatment methods.MBBR technology is known for providing efficient, stable and robust treatment in a small footprint.MBBR systems are well suited for customization based on site-specific conditions and they can be combined with a variety of solids removal technologies to achieve low effluent suspended solids.

There are many advantages of utilizing MBBR technology up front of an existing AS system including extending the capacity of the existing AS system, protecting the AS system from high organic or toxic loads, improving the efficiency of the AS system and improving the AS effluent sludge characteristics.Bringing an MBBR in as an upgrade to an existing AS system allows the plant to upgrade with little disturbance while increasing the overall treatment efficiency.