gas leak detector / pressure / vacuum / with digital display
VLS series

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gas leak detector gas leak detector - VLS series


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    vacuum, with digital display


The VLS-08 (Series) Solid State Vacuum Leakage Sensor and Warning System automatically monitors the vacuum level. A loud horn will be audible and a red light will flash to warn the operator of vacuum loss during a lift. Even if the operator is not watching the lifter, the VLS-08 will monitor the vacuum level, making it both popular and helpful.

The VLS-08 (Series) is a battery-powered unit which is comprised of a red warning light, a pressure sensor, a test switch and an audible warning horn. They are all managed by a solid state microchip. It can be fitted to all ANVER vacuum lifters, specialty vacuum lifting machinery and vacuum tilters.

It is housed in a durable polycarbonite enclosure with a 1/4" push-to-connect fitting for tube connections.