hydraulic press line / stamping / blanking / for heat exchanger plate production



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    stamping, blanking

  • Other characteristics:

    for heat exchanger plate production, for production


AP&T delivers complete production solutions for the manufacture of heat exchanger plates in stainless steel and copper. Depending on the size of the plates, the lines are fed with cut blanks or rolls.

The lines have a short cycle time with high repetition accuracy and full control of the complex flow in the process. An intelligent stacker stacks the parts in piles, turns every other sheet and delivers the full stack of heat exchanger plates at the end of the line. AP&Ts stable embossing presses with press forces from 3000 kN to 120,000 kN produce a high-quality pattern in the sheet metal. A coil line with double reels eliminates standstill when changing rolls. This maximizes the availability of the system.