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pneumatic capping machine / manual / for containers
7 - 35 | CAH-1000



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    for containers


Our Pneumatic Handheld Capper is a portable cap tightener, capable of tightening or removing screw type caps. An adjustable clutch reduces cap damage and reduces insert wear. This Capper is pressure-activated, simply started by gently pushing down on top of the capped bottle. This means no on/off switches or levers. Once the cap is tight, the chuck automatically stops and you can move onto the next bottle. The CAH-1000 includes an adjustable self-balancer with retracting line, that allows the tool to be suspended neatly and weightlessly overhead, out of the way during case changes, reducing labor fatigue. Chucks and Inserts are sold separately, configured for your products and production*. *Please specify cap size(s) for proper chuck selection when ordering. It may be necessary to purchase additional chucks for different sized caps. We recommend purchasing additional inserts to have on hand for wear replacement.