Menard pressure meter

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Menard pressure meter Menard pressure meter


The Ménard pressuremeter (Control Unit), plastic tubing and 3-cell probe allows to perform in situ Pressuremeter

test in soils according to the ISO 22476-4 and ASTM D4719-07 standards.

From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled pressure), a stress-strain curve can be obtained, in the case of plane deformation, which yields:

the Ménard Pressuremeter modulus (EM),
the creep pressure (Pf),
the Ménard limit pressure (Pl).

The borehole is drilled so as to minimize wall disturbance and to keep a cavity diameter compatible with the probe size (63 mm or 76 mm).

As soon as the probe is lowered into the borehole to the required test depth, the operator can start the test execution by pressure increments with the control unit.


In situ stress controlled loading test performed on the wall of a borehole using a cylindrical probe which can expand radially.


GeoSPAD® allows the acquisition of pressumeter data via the central unit for soil investigation GeoBOX®. This system displays the conduct of pressuremeter tests and automatically records the conditions and results of these tests.


Conception following the original Ménard procedures
Clear and easy to use control panel
Easy to read measurements+ Quality tripod: stable, sturdy and easy to install
Simple general maintenance with special package

The Control Unit

Equipped with devices to precisely regulate the pressure applied to the probe and to read its volume changes with pressure increments and time. A nitrogen cylinder provides the pressure source. The box stands on a tripod.