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multi-parameter photometer / for water analysis / portable



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    for water analysis

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Intelligent, compact, strong and evolutive photometer being able to measure more than 50 parameters The ODEON-PHOTOPOD is well adapted and designed for people who are not chemists thanks to the simple and easy to make analysis methods.Associated with the "plug and play" digital sensors technology, the ODEON-PHOTOPOD is an intelligent solution, reliable, and is the perfect system to fulfill all your needs.This instrument can be used for many kind of water analysis urban, municipal and industrial waste water,, drinking water, boiler and cooling tower water, fish farming, natural waters...PHOTOPOD can measure more than 50 parameters :NH4+, NO3-, PO4, DCO, NH4+, NO2-, Ptotal, SO42-, Fe, Cu, Mn, Cl2, CN-, ClO2, TH, TA, TAC..